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We offer a variety of products to help you manage your symptoms at home and to help minimize your risk of re-injury and/or flare-ups. Explore our growing lists of products and check back for updates!

Exercise (or Physio) Ball are soft elastic balls used for performing specific exercises to train and build muscle strength; improve joint flexibility and movement; improve muscle balance; improve coordination and balance.

Topical Analgesic Creams temporarily provide relieve to muscle and joint pain. This a great to use pre- and post-workout sessions.

Cervical Pillow is used to provide your neck with the proper support while you are resting/sleeping. It is designed to help maintain the natural curve of your spine and to keep your spine in alignment while you are resting/sleeping. Use of the cervical pillow helps decrease muscle tightness; eliminate muscle spasms/cramps; relieve joint stiffness; neck and mid-back pain. This pillow is great for people who experience headaches, neck, upper back and mid-back pain.

Lumbar Brace is designed to support to your lumbar spine while you are healing. It keeps your spine in a neutral position, which helps to reduce your chance of further tissue damage and worsening of symptoms. In addition, it relieves excessive strain and/or pressure on your lumbar spine, when performing activities such as lifting and carrying objects. The compression of the brace helps with decrease in the accumulation of swelling and edema the area.

Resistance Exercise Bands are soft elastic bands used for strengthening muscles and joints. They are great for helping patients slowing re-build, re-train and re-strengthen their muscles after an injury.

The Adventures of Joshua: Spencer Spine and the Back Attack is first book of the new children’s book series, The Adventures of Joshua, written by Dr. Tiffany T. Butler. It is a funny tale of a boy who accompanies his parents to the doctor’s office. Joshua, who is full of surprises (and a song), is amazed when he meets a “special” doctor who introduces him to Spencer Spine and the infamous Back Attack.

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