Chiropractic and Rehab Care

Chiropractic care is a form of healthcare that emphasizes the restoration and maintenance of an individual’s health through spinal adjustments. The goal of chiropractic care is to put your body is the best position so that you can heal properly. Dr. Butler (your chiropractor) may use other therapeutic modalities such as cold/heat therapy, soft tissue therapy, etc. in addition to spinal adjustments to help assist you in the healing process.

Chiropractic adjustments are specific gentle movements applied to the spine to help restore normal biomechanical function by improving motion within the spinal joints. It is also effective in improving the movement of other joints, such as the shoulder, hips, knees, and foot/ankles. Benefits include: muscle relaxation, decrease in pain or discomfort, increase joint motion, and improvement in body function.

Spinal Decompression creates gentle movements of spinal traction within the small spinal joints. It is used to help alleviate or decompress pressure within and around the spinal nerves. Benefits include muscle relaxation; decrease in pain; removal of swelling and edema; an increase of blood flow to the injured area; and increase in joint motion.

Rehabilitative Exercise & Stretch Program targets specific muscle groups to help strengthen the supportive structures (e.g. the muscles and tendons); stabilize the joints; improve range of motion; reduce swelling and inflammation; prevent further tissue damage; reduce risk of injury, and reduce exacerbation or flare-ups.

Kinesiotaping is unlike traditional taping. Kinesiotaping provides additional support to the muscles and joints without restricting joint movement. In addition, it helps decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation in the area.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a non-invasive therapy for symptomatic relief from acute and chronic muscle and joint pain. It helps to relieve muscle tightness and spasm; reduce pain; decrease swelling and inflammation. In addition, it can also help with muscle re-education and improve muscle tone/tonicity.

Therapeutic Ultrasound provides deep heating to the soft tissues – such as the muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and discs – of the body. In addition, it helps to increase blood circulation to the injured area which helps with tissue healing and repair.

Posture Correction devices, such as blocks – to allow gravitational forces to help bring your body into a healthy, normal postural position. In addition to the posture corrective devices, we give specific exercise and stretches to create muscle balance – by strengthening the weakened muscles and stretching (or elongating) the tightened muscles. As your body begins to assume a normal position, you will notice a reduction in symptoms; improvement in posture; and improvement in overall function and health.

Paraffin Bath consists of warm wax that provides moist heat to the small joints of the hand and/or feet. It is very beneficial in relieving joint pain caused by arthritis, bursitis, and chronic joint inflammation. In addition, it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Customized Functional Orthotics are fitted for the individual. This is not your one-size-fit all orthotics that you find in department stores! These orthotics are created and fitted just for you! Customized Orthotics by Foot Levelers help to put your foot and ankle in an ideal position as you move comfortably throughout your day. It provides natural arch support and relief your body symptoms – such as plantar fasciitis, foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, and back pain. In addition, it helps reduce your risk of injury during jogging and/or running.